What is lacquer?

Lacquer is a traditional Arts and Crafts of Asia

Asia is the cradle of this ancient Arts and Crafts of Chinese origin, which has spread across countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam, etc. The latter two countries are the today's remaining guardians of the lacquer tradition.

Lacquer is a precious material, a gift of nature for men to make maginificent creations and objects. Thanks to its glossy and smooth surface, reflecting light like a mirror, it symbolizes the perfection of the “brilliant”. Charged with emotions and requiring complex and demanding artisanal skills, genuine traditional lacquer remains the fruit of a long ritual achieved through multi-layer lacquer coating, subsequent drying, and meticulous water sanding in between. The final layers give lacquer its deep shine and reveals the decorative work of lacquer artists to create the "Beautiful Object' via hand painting or lacquer pattern finishing.

The ultimate quality control is performed by careful visual inspection and bare-hand touching, as only sensory approach will give high quality lacquer its pledge of exceptional smoothness.



How to care for lacquer products

Lacquer products and furniture are sensitive to physical assaults, such as scouring agents or sharp edges of objects: they should be handled with some care. On our side, we do take extra care to protect the top of our lacquer furniture (table top, cabinet top, etc) by adding extra hard and resistant transparent lacquer to protect their horizontal surface. Proper storage and cleaning are also necessary in order to maintain the beauty and quality of your products.

Storage advice:
- Do not exhibit lacquer products in direct sunlight and extreme heat
- Store and display them in a dry place

Cleaning advice:
- Do not use chemicals and hot water to clean the lacquer surface
- Use a dry soft cloth to wipe away dust and moisture
- Do not soak the product in water
- A regular polish with beeswax will maintain the glossy finish