Our collection of lacquer products

3 product categories: lacquer lamps, lacquered furniture and home décor lacquered accessories.

Our products are all beautiful lacquer objects to furnish and decorate your home. You will feel happy to "see" them everyday around you, or introduce them as “works of arts” to your discerning home guests. They will demonstrate your fine and exclusive taste and reveal your stylish life style.


Decorative lacquer lamps

Innovative lamp designs, presented in Mai Home “Black and White” signature or in “Vivid Colors”, bring home distinction and luxury.

A Mai Home’s lamp has two lives. Off, its shape, lines, colors and patterns can be admired. Lit, its light brings warmth and distinction to your environment and reveals your inner world. Our creative work has resulted in a balance among lines, shapes, materials, lacquer patterns and colors, which is reinforced by impeccable finishes. Our handmade lampshades are made of imported fine laminated materials and textiles.

Meeting rigorous electrical safety requirements of many countries and regions.

Mai Home lamp components comply with electrical standards and norms of the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. We are truly committed to the electrical safety of our products and are among the few lamp producers and the only lacquer lamp producer in Vietnam having the European "CE" certification for the entire lamp and its components. All our lamps have been certified by the French certification company Bureau Veritas / LCIE for CE norms and CE marking.

Depending on your delivery address, we could mount the right electrical components and plugs for your country and will liase with you to confirm these electrical options.




Stylish lacquered furniture

Unique patterns and finishing define Mai Home distinctive lacquer furniture style.

Our lacquer furniture collection consists of standard and custom made furniture for the living and dining rooms, entirely handcrafted, very stylish but functional. It includes coffee and side tables, stools, chest of drawers, cabinets, sideboards, TV cabinets, consoles, dining tables, bedside tables, etc. Unique design style, handcrafting, creative lacquer patterns and finishing - including metallic, marble, bubble, crackled, mosaic, fragmented visual effects in different colors - make our furniture collector's alike items for the discerning home decoration lovers.



Beautiful lacquer accessories

Functional yet stylish and colorful, they bring warmth and class to your home and lifestyle

Our designers have been creating exquisite home décor accessories made of lacquer, such as trays, boxes, picture frames, mirrors, candleholders, etc. They are highly functional yet beautiful decorative objects. They are distinctive in shape, colors and lacquer patterns, as they incorporate our latest Research and Development efforts on lacquer surface finishing and decorative patterns.