Our philosophy

We are specialized in lacquer, the material for “beautiful” furnishings

With dedication and passion, Mai Home has built over time a unique lacquer atelier, the meeting point between creative and innovative furnishing design AND high quality lacquer craftsmanship. 

In our Atelier, talented designers associated with skilled craftsmen are trying to preserve the ancient Asian art of Lacquer, but placing it in a modern context and creating lacquer furniture, lacquered lamps and home decor lacquer accessories that enhance the beauty and depth of this exceptional material. Our lacquer creations create an ambience, evoke a lifestyle and highlight your home. Our designers’ creativity has resulted in a balance between lines and materials, further highlighted by harmonious combination of innovative lacquer colours and patterns and impeccable finishes.


We have a differentiated and unique business approach

Design: Unique designer lacquer creations: lacquered furniture, lacquer lamp and home décor lacquered accessories

Quality: Top quality materials and craftsmanship

Safety: World-class product safety standards with certified electrical design and components for all lamps

Customization: We can work on custom products from one piece to small and medium size batches

Promotion: Continuous participation to renowned international furniture trade fairs to build our reputation in Europe, USA, Australia, and Asia.


Our design philosophy is to "illuminate your life and style"

Innovation and creativity are at the center of what we create. Our "Smiles of Asia" collection has a subtle Asia inspiration and touch mixed with Western influence. Mai Home collection of luxury lacquer lamps, lacquered furniture, and home décor lacquer accessories comes in a variety of design styles: Art Deco, Asian, Fusion, Classical, and Contemporary. Mai Home designs are unique and multi-faceted: seductive or provocative, conceptual or decorative, traditional or modern, they are vectors of emotions, and will reveal your inner world and evoke your lifestyle.

Several French designers graduated from renowned schools of Architecture and Design in France, including “Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris”, are behind Mai Home lacquer creations. They take their inspiration from Asia where they have been living for a long time but are still guided by the "simplicity and elegance in design" borrowed from the West.