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Bao Dang / Mai Home participated in 2 international trade fairs in 2014: IMM Cologne 2014 and IFFS Singapore 2014

Mai Home exhibited at IMM Cologne 2014, one of the most important international furniture fair worldwide, under the IMM-Switzerland Global Enterprise pavillion: we showcased our new collection of lacquer cabinets, lacquered cofffe tables and lacquered consoles. In March 2014, we continued our marketing and promotion efforts by exhibiting for the 5th time at IFFS Singapore 2014, displaying a wide range of lacquered furniture and lacquer table lamps and lacquered floor lamps.

April 2014


Establishing Mai Home Pte. Ltd. as the Company Head Office in Singapore and launching our new trademark "Mai Home - Smiles of Asia".

Mai Home Décor Pte. Ltd was established as our Head Office in Singapore and the Marketing and Commercial arm of the company. Mai Home - Smiles of Asia, our new registered trademark, is reflecting our increasing diversification within home furnishing and beyond lacquer lamps. Starting from innovative decorative lacquer lamps entirely hand-made by skilled artisans, Mai Home further broadened its collection to include lacquer furniture and home décor lacquered accessories, keeping its successful model based on innovative design and high quality craftsmanship. We are guided by our mission "to create home luxury and exceptional value" with lacquered furnishings.

In April 2013, Bao Dang exhibited in Lifestyle Vietnam 2013, promoting its product collection of lacquer table lamp, lacquered floor lamp and lacquer furniture.

May 2013


We exhibited our new lacquer lamp and lacquered furniture collection in Ambiente Frankfurt 2012 and IFFS Singapore 2012

Bao Dang / Treasure Light exhibited its new 2012 lacquer lamp collection as well as a new and innovative lacquer furniture line in Ambiente Frankfurt 2012 (10-14 February 2012) under the Switzerland SIPPO pavilion and in IFFS Singapore 2012 (9-13 March 2012). Our extensive collection of lacquer lamps and lacquered accessories is now complemented by a stylish high quality lacquered furniture line. It is the second year we have exhibited at Ambiente Frankfurt, which shows the company's confidence in marketing and selling quality lacquer lamps,  stylish lacquered furniture and fine lacquered accessories in Europe. In the past 3 years, we have seen rapid sales increase in Europe despite the difficult economic situation.
We have participated for the fourth time in a row to the International Furniture Show of Singapore (IFFS), consolidating our reputation of quality and professionalism with distributors and retailers of lacquer furniture, lacquer lamp and home decoration accessories in Asia, Europe and America.

June 2012


Bao Dang / Treasure Light launches a new lacquer product line: Lacquered Furniture

The new lacquer furniture line builds on our initial successful product concept: top quality lacquering, creative design, and fine craftsmanship.  The lacquered furniture line consists of small and medium size furniture, entirely handcrafted, very stylish but functional. It includes coffee tables, stools, chest of drawers, sideboards, TV cabinets, and bedside tables.
Unique design style, 100% craftsmanship, very innovative lacquer finishing - old silver, granite, bubble, snake skin in different colors - make our Lacquered Furniture like collector's items for the discerning home decoration lovers. 
We presentied our new lacquer furniture line together with our new lamp collection in Ho Chi Minh City furniture exhibition in October 2011, in Ambiente Frankfurt in February 2012 and IFFS Singapore in March 2012.

April 2012


Our production workshop has now a capacity of 2,000 lamps per month

We moved to a bigger production workshop (1300m2) and can now produce 2,000 lamps per month. Our production approach is based on 100% craftsmanship for the lampshade and the lamp lacquered body. We have implemented strict quality assurance and quality controls, resulting in consistent high quality product and finishing. We are striving to cut the standard 3-month delivery time for high quality lacquering to 6 weeks. With semi-finished good stocks, we hope to deliver faster small quantity orders to our customers in retail.

August 2011


Further marketing and promoting our lacquer lamp products in Europe and Asia

We participated for the first time to Ambiente Frankfurt in Germany in February 2011 and exhibited in the "Living" section of that renowned trade fair. We introduced our unique designs and fine lamps to new German and European customers. We hope to continue our rapid expansion in Europe. We exhibited again at the Singapore IFFS in March 2011 and attended trade shows throughout 2011, to consolidate our domestic and regional position. In Vietnam, we have increased our presence in the hospitality sector (decoration of hotels and restaurants) and in retail shops carrying our lamps and brand name. We are looking forward to continued partnership with our customers and to contributing to their lighting business growth and to promoting Mai Home "Art of Making Light".

May 2011


Our lacquered lamp collection encompasses about 100 innovative models, including lacquer table lamps and lacquered floor lamps

Our lacquer lamp collection, as of December 2010, comprises about 100 models and includes lacquered table lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, and lacquer floor lamps. The lamps are available in various styles: Fusion "East meet West", Contemporary, Modern Tropical, Art Deco, etc. They are all designed following our unique lacquer lamp concept: a shape-innovative "wooden" lamp body covered by high quality multi-layer lacquer integrating a lampshade made of RoHS and flame-retardant laminated fabrics.
Our 2 French designers, alumni of Paris Ecole des Beaux Arts and Paris-Villemin University of Architecture, together with our in-house designers, work on innovative and beautiful lamp designs to renew and add to our lacquer lamp collection every year. Many of our lacquered lamps have received design patent and Intellectual Property Rights either from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office, Geneva) or from VIPO (Vietnam Intellectual Property Office).

April 2011


Opening of Bao Dang/Treasure Light retail shops and showrooms in Vietnam

In Vietnam, we have been working with interior designers and architects: they have been bringing our "Art of Making Light" and beautiful lacquered lamps to many Vietnamese households, boutique hotels and resorts. Our product showroom and retail shop in Ho Chi Minh City (South Vietnam) opened in December 2008 and has become a popular and favourite place for buying decorative lacquer lamp. We are also happy to announce that our fine lacquered lamps can now be found in our Danang Mai Home shop opened in March 2010 (Central Vietnam). Soon, they will also be available in a high-end home decoration shop in Hanoi (North Vietnam) that will carry our collection and brand name.

March 2011


Strengthening of our commercial presence outside of Vietnam

Despite adverse market conditions due to the worldwide financial and economic crisis, Bao Dang/Treasure Light Co. Ltd has increased its sales of decorative lamps every year since its debut in 2008. Year 2010 was a year of rapid expansion as our sales turnover grew up by more than 130%. We are proud to announce that our fine lacquered lamps are being marketed in many countries outside Vietnam: our collection is now present in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, USA, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and China.
Here are some comments from our customers in Europe and Asia about our products and business practices:
    •    "We are satisfied with your products."
    •    "Good quality. Good packing. Thank you very much."
    •    "We appreciated very much the work and quality of Treasure Light. Despite a rather quiet market due to weak economic situation throughout Europe, we believe in the potential of your products and will strive to continue working with you."
    •    "Well received. Your products are very interesting"
    •    "Yes, we received your lamps; they are all in good condition after transport. They are very beautiful."

January 2011


We have participated in many international lighting and furniture exhibitions

We have participated to international lighting and furniture exhibitions in Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai to introduce our products and unique lamp concept. We have received excellent product feedback, further confirmed by purchase orders.
In 2010, Bao Dang/Treasure Light Co Ltd exhibited in 4 trade shows: the International Furniture Fair of Singapore (IFFS, March 2010), Ho Chi Minh City Viet Build (July 2010), Ho Chi Minh City International Furniture and Handicrafts Fair (October 2010) and Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (October 2010).
We presented our most popular lamp models as well as our 2010 new collection and product innovations. Solid business contacts were generated in these trade shows: we built stronger bonds with our customers, understanding better their market needs and requirements.

November 2010


Marrying Arts and Crafts in lamp design is at the heart of our business philosophy

Bao Dang, which literally means Treasure Light in Vietnamese, was founded in 2008 and invested by 3 French nationals. The owners founded the company around a unique product concept, the marriage of Arts and Crafts in lamp design, combining France's love for Art and "Beautiful Things" and Vietnam's renowned craftsmanship in lacquer ware. Our company's trademark and motto, «Treasure Light - the Art of Making Light», truly reflects our product concept and business philosophy.
Our French owners have invested in 4 core areas that make us unique and well differentiated within the Lighting Industry:
    •    Unique lacquered lamp concept, highly innovative designs, and varied lamp styles
    •    High quality craftsmanship in lacquering and lampshade making
    •    World-class product safety with certified electrical components and design
    •    Sales expansion and brand promotion through participation to renowned international trade shows

May 2009